March 29, 2010

You, me and a Fun-day Sunday

It was a Sunday. You'll learn to appreciate a Sunday only when you start school. Your father had warned me that he would be working this particular Sunday, and it wasn't received with great joy by me. Confession: It was mainly because that would mean having to entertain you all day all by myself. I was exhausted by just the thought. The day started like a regular office-day and you're dad was off to work by 19, by which time you had curled up in bed for your morning nap. I was thrilled, and there you lay peacefully until 12. Once you're growling tummy was satisfied with milk, you were energised and ready to do what you did best: get naughty.

You decided the cushions looked better on the floor than on the sofa, toys added to the home decor when strewn around in abstract designs, it was fun to have spoons, saucers and cups going cling-clang every now and then, and yes a nice, round, pink onion is a thing of beauty in the living room. All done, you were satisfied with what you had achieved, and I had long given up my screams of resistance.

Your next item that needed some change from its present form and place was 'mommy dearest'. While I was comfortable lounging on the floor, you thought I looked better on my fours. There I was first an elephant that moved and swayed with a funny sound while you propped on top clinging onto my hair for support, then it was bow-wow time where I had to be quick on my fours like the doggies. Zoo time was over and I was lying flat on the floor, exhausted. Before I knew it, there was a thud and you had jumped on to my tummy and was laughing hysterically. I failed to see the fun but as always your laughter was contagious.

Then came the hide-n-seek, some fun with the remote, a few 'hello' sessions with the phone, a lunch between, and you decided to do a half an hour nap and was back with a bang. A few more elephant rides, a fun TV programme on dogs (that you absolutely loved, despite not being much of a TV person, at least now), more 'mincing mamma' games which left me punched in the tummy, chest, legs, back...whew! The bright side: it had you in laughter all the way. A few stories in between, a song you sweetly hummed for me, a few new words added to your vocabulary and before we knew it, evening had arrived, and did your Abba.

Thanks my cartoon network for making my Sunday so laughter-filled and lovely. Muaaahhh!!!

PS: I'll try and put up some pics of your Sunday Fun.


sindhu said...

I loved the way you made a story out of a simple Sunday..u have a way with words...great going!

The Coffee Cup said...

Thanks Sindhu. It indeed was a lovely day, thanks to my munchkin.