March 17, 2010

For you, my little love

A little pink princess somewhere in Sydney inspired me to start this blog dedicated to my son, now one and a half years old. Usually people say it seems like just yesterday when I first help my baby and today he's almost time goes by. But in my case, the fact is I cannot clearly recall my first touch of my first baby (whom we've named Ayush Devank), who will henceforth be called anything from Ayush to Aashu to cutesy to cartoon to anything that his acts/expressions justify.
The first touch, the first expression--which my mom and husband claim was one of utter irritation at being taken out of the quiet floating comfort he enjoyed into a bright, crowded, busy environment. I often find myself struggling to rewind an image of little Ayush in his early days, but soon am forced to go back into albums for a clear picture. Each day I waited to see a new action, a different expression, a new trick, a new sound...a little too ambitious mom I guess. I waited for him to turn over, then was eager to see him crawl all around, helped him stand, urged him to take his first shaky steps and today when he's running all over, I find myself wanting to catch a glimpse of his crawling days. Thankfully a few videos help. The things I so waited for are today so hard to recollect. I realise I am so busy focusing on his nexts that I often forget his firsts.
The little Pink Princess reminded me to enjoy, savour, cherish every moment before it vanishes into a dim corner in your mind. This one's for my baby, for giving me so many reasons to smile, brightening my days with his toothless grins, giving me his "chaadu ki chappis" which pulled me out of my little lows, for teaching me to laugh at little things...and most of all for awakening the mother in me. The many things I may have missed out on saying, the many hugs &kisses I may have forgotten to Little Mischief Maker...this one's for you and about you.


Sree said...

Luvya sweets... muaahh