April 12, 2010

My champ...victorious

Finally you did it, without fear and without mommy screaming at you. The slide in the park outside Bechi's house has fascinated in you for weeks now. Your weak-hearted mom and grandmom weren't too thrilled to have you up there. Every time you took a step up on the ladder, I'd come running and bring you down which would be received with loud cries from you. And then there was that day when you slyly climbed up all the way and was up there dancing and just being shaky and tottering about on that bridge that extends to the sliding side. In your excitement you didn't quite care if your feet were firm on the surface or was slipping on to the opening in the side. Here I was, standing down, trying to reach up to you and get a hold on you. Since then, I firmly stopped you from climbing up. Your many cries and protests didn't melt my heart.

Then yesterday, you were up to it again. This time, mama felt confident and didn't protest. There you were cautiously treading up the ladder, and the minute you got up there you sat down and then dragged yourself all the way till the slide, positioned your hands and legs rightly and came zooming down. The joy on your face (OR was it the thrill of having proved yourself to mommmy) was so adorable. Then it was a repeat of the whole process...Again...and Again...and again...

I was too focussed on getting you up there safe and getting you down without scratches that I forgot to capture the moment of success. Next time I promise to click you standing up there victoriously and sliding down with a look of half joy and half anxiety of reaching down safe. Muahh my champ.