March 17, 2010

The cat and dog story

Deciding to dedicate a blog to my little one was easy. Then came the naming it/titling it...some procedures of blogspot that I still haven't completely understood. One column reads 'title', one reads 'URL name' etc etc. I knew his talent at mischief should come through somewhere. There I had it, my munchkin mischief maker. This was the first that propped up in my mind and was praying it wouldn't be taken (and secretly I was telling myself that nobody would be smart enough to come up with what I thought was a cute yet naughty title). Bingo! I got it.
Then came the template part, which again I haven't quite mastered. I patiently ran through many options but soon got tired and I was still left with over 100 pages to check. I chanced upon this cat-dog blog titled 'Friends' and thought this would be apt. At least for now b'coz cat and dog are Aashu's favourite animals, whom he fondly calls 'Bo-bo' (to be read as bow bow) and 'Maew' (his version of Meow). His eyes light up the moment he spots a cat or dog. His vision gets unusually sharp when the object in sight is a bo-bo or maew, and he could spot them from any hidden corner, from miles away or in any darkness.
Next on his list of favourites is the crow and (don't cringe) the lizard! Ewwwww! Recently he's taken a fancy for the elephant, courtesy his grandmom who entertains him with a story of the 'elephant and tailor-man' which he wants to be told every day at least 5 times. Kids...they are so easy to please. Err..well almost always!