June 4, 2010

I Lowe Lu

My Munchkin...
You're now a year and 9 months, you walk, you run, you speak in this wonderfully sweet tone and pronounce words the way you find like it (which is also the cutest) and you're growing day by day. I see the mischief give way to a bit of stubbornness, the sweet, longing cries change to tantrum bawls, the shrill screams and wails at the very mention of NO. It's a phase, everyone tells me. All kids grow through this. Yes, they do. All parents go through this phase of helplessness too. Yes, they do. But it hurts to see the innocence, at times, give way to arrogance (it's too heavy a word for a tiny tot like you).
Just when I begin to sulk over the change that's sweeping you, you run up to me with a tight hug and say 'Amma, I lowe lu', which in the cutest I love you I've ever heard. And I know, you're still the my little baby who hugs, kisses and showers me with I lowe Lu for no particular reason.

Now I understand what your grandma often told me: 'You're still a child for me'. How true. You could be as tall as your dad or taller, you would have long given up your little red-yellow cycle and would be zooming in a cool black, heavy bike, you would have replaced your nursery rhymes with your own rock n roll favourites, you would no longer be sipping on water from a pretty blue bottle and instead maybe enjoying your cokes or cocktails...you would no longer call for mama when it's bed time, you would no longer cry when abba leaves for office and would no longer insist on seeing your grandparents every evening. The years would have rolled by and you would be a young, handsome boy but for me you'll still be the little one with a broken front tooth, who loves elephant riding on my back, loves to sleep off on his dad's chest, enjoys his daily bike ride to the railway station to watch the trains chug by, who would be cheered with an auto ride... the little one who came and conquered my life like no other man ever has! I LOWE LU ADS.