March 18, 2010

Playing by the baby rule book: Month 3

I am not going to be following a timeline here. Simply b'coz it's not possible. There are so many surprises and sometimes shockers that you, my lil Aashu, have gifted me in the past one and a half years that I can't date them exactly. So don't be surprised if you see a note about your first tooth, and then later find me going weak in joy talking about your oh-so-cute toothless smile.
I remember the day you turned 3 months, you were on a mat on the floor. Soon I see you struggling to do a tummy turn. I was thrilled and watched in excitement as you tried and tried. You would turn to your side, try pushing yourself forward but would son fall on you back on to the mattress. You didn't give up and I was amazed at your patience and determination. Proud too! You kept doing the back-and-forth dance repeatedly until you suddenly rolled over on your tummy. I jumped off my seat and you were shocked too. I rushed to see if you were okay. Your eyes sparkled with the look of an achiever.
As if to prove your mastery over it, you repeated the tummy act 3-4 times continuously. An elated mother, me ran to call your father and share the great news. Our son's touched the first milestone. Your father was thrilled, and the great news was passed on to your grandparents too. Everyone was waiting to catch you in the act. But despite repeated requests, and mommy even doing a demonstration of the whole process, you refused to display your new-found skill. Soon the family was giving me the looks, as if it to say 'Did he actually ever do it, or was it just an over-enthusiastic mother's imagination?'. He did do it, not once but more than thrice...all in one stretch, I said. Don't think they believed me son.

I didn't give up, and kept trying and trying. Soon you made it clear that you weren't enjoying amma playing ringmaster act, forcing you to turn this way and twist that way. I gave up. I came to the conclusion that you were overhearing all the conversations going on in the house where people were saying most babies turn over when they are 3 months. Guess you didn't want to disappoint your parents and decided to go by the 'baby milestone chart', even if only for a day. So there you were doing what babies were meant to do (or so the wise claimed) at 3 months: successfully turn over on your tummy and view the world from a new angle.
Of course a month later, you were back to the tummy-turning act and this time with no prompting or coaxing. The minute you were down on a mattress of floor, you'd turn over, look around for a few minutes and then cry for help to be back on your back. And look at you today, you can lie on your back, your tummy, crawl on all fours, sit, stand, walk (errr...not really, you'd rather run, and aimlessly too and stopping only when you bang on to a door or wall).


The Scatterbrain said...

HI! Thank you for coming by to my blog and caring to comment. I like yours too!! its the mommy connection I think!
Anyway, My daughter did the same thing as well. Except that I had my husband around as witness.

The Coffee Cup said...

:) thanks scatterbrain. Ya it's definitely the mommy-thing!