March 23, 2010


Finding happiness in little things, celebrating little joys, smiling at the small wonders...these are lessons I learnt from you my little son. It's so easy to please you. When you're cranky or crying over something, all mama needs to do is hide her face in her hands and say Olichooo and then pop up from behind my palms and scream Kandoo (the peek-a-boo game). This has been your favourite game since you were 5-6 months and still remains. Now you're one and a half. To be able to stick to a favourite for one whole year and still have the same joyous smile every time the game's played, is no easy task my love. Again, something mama can learn from you.
Earlier we started the game, today you get it going. You run into a corner in the room, or the side of a wardrobe, anyplace where you can see us (and of course we can see you clearly, but that doesn't seem to matter as long as we pretend you're invisible to us) and then you scream out 'Ammaaa..Ammaa..'. I am to promptly respond but then realise you're not to be seen anywhere around. With an anxious face, I look around, behind the curtains, in the balcony, under the table (which for some reason has you chuckling from your hiding spot), inside the newspaper rack and then suddenly turn to that mischevous corner and exclaim 'there you mamu darling'. If I could freeze that moment, for it brings out the widest smile in you and a glowing sparkle in your tiny eyes. A joy like none other.
Peek-a-boo continues to save my day often. Going through your album I realise we have many peek-a-boo moments captured on camera. Am sure you'll love them.
We play this game at least 7-8 eight times every day. Each time your face brightens just as much, if not more. And here we, adults, are complaining about the routine, the mundane, the everyday things. Mama needs to learn from you Adzy on how to enjoy the everyday things, the daily dos.
I love you my love...muaahhh.


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