July 6, 2010

Dining on Soo-Pee, Dancing to Waka-ka

My last post, my dear, was a month ago and it was about the sweetest 'I lowe lu' I have ever heard. It's not that you haven't given me special moments, surprises, sweet nothings or just made me smile in the past one month...it's just that I've been a little too held up coping with a few things: your playschool (yes dear you're officially going to school now. We'll do one post dedicated to that soon, with pics too. I promise!), my driving class (yes, mama's finally decided to get behind the wheel and drive you around town. We'll do our secret outings, visit the beach, the parks and lots of lovely places. A promise again!), my attempts at weight loss (I am sure you don't care about this one. I know you love me just as much even if I am nearly 20 kilos overweight, have a double coating of extra flab, and can't wear clothes that flatter. But again I promise, my munchkin, I'll soon get back in shape and we can do all that now mommy shies away from--swimming, roaming the beach in cute lil shorts, etc) and of course the fuss and mess of finding a proper home-help (something you definitely need not worry about. You're happy as long as the "chechi" plays with you, does the "aana" act for you carrying you on her back, gets you your favourite but forbidden snacks when mama's not around, lets you help her with drying the laundry, chopping the tomatoes, grating coconuts, sweeping, mopping and plays mechanic and fixes all your toys (Sadly, that isn't exactly the qualities mama's looking for, though these would definitely earn them extra brownie points). A couple of weddings--remember Dudu's kalyaami in your words--and a few other emergencies kept me away from the blog.
Today's not been a great day so far. You're still irritated about the cold, running nose, congestion and it's making you cranky. It pains to see you in discomfort but mama's losing her cool too. Sorry sweets! I'll learn and imbibe the virtue called Patience. Anyways this is not about you, your cold or my lack of certain virtues.
As I hear you put forth your demands, give your comments, express your desires and anger, I realise that in one month you've learnt a lot. Your vocabulary is impressively big and you surprise us with new words every day. You're growing, my love, and soon you'll be a big boy. Awww...my baby!
You make something as dry as patichee (chapathi) sound so cute. You relish oluma (omlette) You enjoy your soo-pee (soup), dance to your favourite Waka-ka (Waka waka), makes me sing Gimme-som (Give me freedom...) repeatedly and ends most of your sentences with 'Ok, cool'. What a joy it is to hear you talk. These are few words you chose to say your way, but for most others you've picked it right and you say it clear enough to make us understand. We love it darling. Muaahhh.